The idea of working and sharing the Journey of Rosemary began in 2020 when I was looking for ways to connect with my European ancestry. During the 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook’s maiden voyage along the east coast of Australia I spent time deeply listening and beginning to know this plant. In this course you will get a glimpse of this, through learning how to make ink, natural dyeing and ideas for your own unique rituals, you will learn how to embody the lessons of this plant and awaken your own Re-membering.

Hi, I’m Anne,

I have been working as a creative workshop facilitator and artist intensively for the last 8 years, initially starting with natural dyeing and fibre weaving and now exploring inks and the spirit connections of plants, place and people. Sharing knowledge of traditional and experimental techniques is a large part of my creative practice, and an integral part of the ‘women’s work’ that fascinates me. Included in my creative journey is the story of a 1000 year old tree, who I worked with for three years #TreePlace and recently I have time spent in Far North Queensland with the Women of Hope Vale collaborating on the #bushdye project. I am immersing myself in the creative exploration of our emotions and responses to the world that surrounds us.

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